Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Remember when I promised you photos of the magnolia tree across the street?
Well, here they are! The tree is in full bloom.
The owners were sitting outside on their front steps, enjoying the lovely spring day, when I stopped to take the pictures. I asked if it was okay and they replied, "Of course! Go right ahead!"
I think they're quite proud of that tree.

And if you ask me, with good reason.

When that magnolia tree bursts into bloom the entire neighborhood knows that it's finally spring.

I also found some bluebells (and yes, this time they're really bluebells!)

And the forsythias are out in full force!

And I found some pansies.

Hope you enjoy spring as much as I do!

Oh–and here's a recording of the nightingale that lives in our backyard! Don't worry, the video is black (because it was made during the night, duh) and the quality isn't the best. I made it with my iPhone. But you can still hear the nightingale!

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