Friday, April 1, 2016

A Walk into Spring

It's April 1st. and spring has finally showed its pretty face!
My hubby and I took a walk around the neighborhood today, and this is what we found:

An amazing blue sky!

And that blue sky and the birch tree look like a painting, but they're real!

The magnolia tree isn't in full bloom yet, but it will be soon! And I'll make sure to visit it again and take a photo when the blossoms are open.

We went a different route today and found this blooming beauty:

I have no idea what it is, but the dainty pink buds look so pretty against that wonderful blue sky.

Here are some bluebells in a front yard, raising their little faces to the warm light of the sun:

Actually, they aren't really bluebells, are they? They look more like tiny blue stars. Don't ask me what they're called. I'm botanically illiterate. No, seriously.

We came by an Easter tree that hadn't been cleared yet. I like how the people who live here stuck to the bright yellow. Doesn't it look like a little sunshine tree?

And finally, before we walked back home, these planes flew by overhead. My Vancouver friend  Sue calls these crossing vapor trails "kisses in the sky".

Sue, this kiss is for you! Can't wait to see you again in September! xo

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