Friday, September 11, 2015

A Day in Town

We don't go into Hamburg very often anymore. Once that we gave up the car it became a major undertaking, especially with so many of the subway stations under construction right now. My bad leg isn’t happy with those stairs!

But today we went, and that means a Thai lunch. I love Thai food, and so does my hubby. The kid, not so much. He brings his burger and fries—bought at one of those fast food places owned by a clown—with him to the Thai restaurant. No one minded. I think they're used to teenagers not liking hot and spicy food. 

Wait–he isn't a teenager anymore!

Or maybe he is, deep inside…
I mean, really–how can you want a burger when you can eat THIS instead?

Green Thai curry with duck! Delicious!

We hadn't been to this restaurant for a few years. It's in a different part of town where we only go when we need to stock up on spices and basmati rice.
That's the reason why, coming out of the washroom, I grabbed my cell phone and returned to take a photo of their very special washroom design. I mean, really. What do you think of it?

In all fairness I'll add that there was a "under construction" sign on the door. But–really? How is this under construction?

The best part of today was this, though:

Yes, that's right. It's the kid with a suitcase. My suitcase! We bought a new suitcase for me, for my trip next year! Which means it's starting to feel real. Now, all I need is a plane ticket and I can go! 

Somehow, buying this suitcase, means that it will indeed happen. I'll get on a plane again and visit friends I love, see new places, have new adventures. 

I can hardly wait… 

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