Sunday, July 1, 2012

How To Entertain Your Teenager

You didn't really expect an instant recipe, did you?

Here's the problem. It's called "summer break". I'm alone with The Kid (nearly 18) for two weeks while my hubby's gone to teach summer classes at an academy for highly talented children.
The kid's BB (best buddy) has been hogged by his family, and even worse, his GF (girl friend) has gone to the mountains with her sister and parents for a bit of hiking and climbing.
We are alone.

For all it matters, we could as well be alone on the space station. Or during winter in a science station in Antarctica. In that scenario, I would be the always busy and always enthused explorer, and the kid would be the love-sick guy mooning around in the kitchen. Or in his bunk. Or playing Tetris on the computer.
The REAL problem is, I'm the Mom, and consequently boring by default, and he's the teenager, bored.

"Let's go to the mall, kiddo. I'll buy you some new shirts, a DVD of your choice, and while we're there, we can have lunch!"
"Sure, Mom."

And you end up with a tall, unshaved, moody hulk slouching along beside you.
Just fabulous.

"Wanna go downtown?"

"Wanna go visit Dad at his academy?" (Which is located in a very pretty vacation spot on the North Sea! Beach and all!)
"Nah. Boring."


"Would you like to play Skyrim? I'll read you all the cheats!"
"You get on my nerves when we play Skyrim. You talk too much."

"Want to go to the movies?"
"Yeah, but I want to see Avengers!"
Right, I talked him into MIB 3, which was ok with him since that was on his list anyway.

A real highlight of the day for him is when the GF calls. Then he's gone for an hour into his room, and returns with misty eyes. Which is totally ok with me.
The mood in this house is not the best.
"Look, my new book cover! Do you like it?"
"Yeah, Mom, I get that you're a successful author now. You don't have to tell me."
NOTHING takes your enthusiasm out of you like that, trust me.

Here's the killer though.
"Would you like to come to NY with me if I could take you?"
"Nah. Don't dig sightseeing."


I'm off to make lunch now. He still loves his food. And the GF will be back on Friday.
YAY for girlfriends.
Mothers don't count once a kid is eighteen.
Come to think of it, I even believe that's a good thing.



  1. Oh I remember having two of them at that age...but they would definately have gone to NY with me....they love travel! Good luck!! LOL

    1. Sue, thanks. Your boys are cute! Well, mine are too, but this one is SEVENTEEN with a vengeance.

  2. I'm seriously amazed you were allowed to take him to the movies! Even if I go same time as teen - and pay - I'm supposed to act like I'm not with her, in case we're spotted by any of her mates!

  3. Wow, is that a boy thing? Or did I luck out with my first teen? I still have two girls to go, gah I hope it isn't as hard as all this. Good luck Mariam. xo I'd go to NY with you. :)

  4. If you need someone to carry your luggage, I'd totally fake my own (temporary) death to get out of work and come with you. ^^

    1. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind someone carrying my stuff at all. ;)

  5. This is very amusing actually. Haven't read anything like that before, makes me kind of worried though, my son is only two but time goes by very quickly sometimes :)