Friday, February 10, 2012

NeelaVanam - a review of "The Distant Shore"

Today I got this mail from my poet friend @NeelaVanam on twitter. 
I had asked her to read and – if she felt like it – please review "Distant Shore". This is what she wrote. (And YES my heart stood still!)
Thank you so much!

Dear Mariam

 What a lovely book you have written. My time was well spent reading it. 
What I say will not in any way be new, but I need to tell you that you have a style of writing that is so lyrical and captivating. 
Thank you for sending me a copy to read. I anticipate the arrival of the second and third book in the trilogy.

I thought my review should be in a poetical style matching yours. :)

A poetical review of "The Distant Shore"

Here is a love story ~ first of the trilogy ~ well crafted and spellbinding ~ "The Distant Shore."
The popular and rich rock star ~ Jon ~ who is pining and longing. 
The richer and humble ~ Naomi ~ strong willed and adoring.
Joshua ~ the strength and reason ~ for their bonding.
Friends ~ parents ~ lovers and dear siblings.

The story begins as a brook ~ twists and turns ~ whirls and meanders
and as you raft along ~ delves into a deep river.
The pain and resentment ~ their piled up love ~ flow in a lyrical fever.
Like a magic carpet ~ from Malibu to Halmar ~ 
London to New york~ Mariam's pen~ takes you everywhere.
The last few pages~ will glue you to the couch~ with bitten nails!
You will waste a day for sure wondering ~ Why did this end~ what will happen next? 
I have a few stars from the sky~ to give you~ they are five in number.
For the second book~ with bated breath~ we shall wait~ Mariam dear!