Sunday, August 8, 2010

A New Blog, A New Life

Hm... not a great pic, but you are not supposed to look at ME but at my surroundings.

This how I look "at school", at least sometimes. A day job. Which seems a slightly derisive term but is not meant to be, in fact I really like what I do there.  It's my privilege to work with children and teach them fun stuff, theater and musical, things they learn to enjoy and use well in their natural surroundings after a while.

Next term, starting in two weeks, we are going to put the Midsummer Night's Dream on stage, but not the original Shakespeare Version. Rather, we are going to pep it up and place it in the 70s of disco music and glittering lights and bell bottom pants, and Oberon and Titania will not be fighting over a "Blue Child" but over a DJ they both want.

Oh, and Hermia, the poor dear? Her mother wants her to marry her friend's son who also owns a Hot Dog stand, and not the slightly dubious kebab seller from across the street.

These all will clash on one night right outside the disco clubs in a back street, where Zettel is trying to gear up for his show in Oberon's place. And is duly misused by the Elf Lord to upset his wife.... and so on. You know the story.

The snag is, the play is not written, and this is something I have to do myself, and fast. Time is running. And here comes Margit and PUSHES me into implanting my blog on wordpress so I can make an ebook out of it and why exactly do I want to do that? And why in the world do I feel the urge to introduce myself like this to said wordpress?

Whatever. please carry on. Don't mind me. I'll just sit here and try to figure out how this thing works. Good day.


  1. Sounds fun to me. I shall probably enjoy it more than the original! Although It´s my favourite from Shakespeare.

  2. Go for it Mariam & good luck x

  3. Love the new look blog, Mariam. I use wordpress now too and find it much more 'professional' looking than blogspot. I'm looking forward to following you here too!

  4. Mariam, it's so bright and sunny! I've never pictured you this way. You should thank your lucky starts for such a ginchy working environment.

  5. You truly are my long lost sister! I've got a habit of 'last minute' deadline meeting dot com too - but then the creative juices start to flow (or the panic button gets pressed) and it always seems to be alright on the night. Good luck with it anyway!

  6. Haha, I'm the culprit! I "pushed" you onto it, and I'm looking forward to your ebook! I find the new blog looks a lot slicker and professional now. Oh dear... I will want a wordpress one too now! Not looking quite so smug now :)

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