Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Bucket List


You do not expect a bucket that would represent MY bucket list to look like that?

No I thought so. But before I tell you what I think a bucket for a bucket list should look like let's linger for a moment on the meaning of writing a Bucket List. Now that I'm doing it, it occurs to me that this is a highly intimate thing indeed. Because either I make something outrageous and funny up to entertain you, or I'm honest, and then you all will know what I've always really wanted out of life and never got, and where my regrets lie, and that might be a trifle embarrassing.

I mean, really. Before we think of a Bucket List, we must have thought about our own impending demise. And that we have not done what we wanted to do. Today, I asked my friends on twitter and facebook what they wanted to put on their list, and most of them came up with places they wanted to see, and Bunny said, "Meet you!" (aw, we will, Bunny. I promise. How could we not?) And also: does it have to be something realistic, something we COULD do at any time if we had the money and the opportunity, or are dreams allowed too?

Ok ok, I'm going to be outrageous and entertain you.

My Bucket List bucket looks like this.

And yes, with the setting. Of course with the setting, and those who know me by now will not be surprised, either by the dress, the surroundings or the color. I've decided to cultivate being a Drama Queen.

The Bucket List

1.  An author reading of my book at the Rizzoli Bookstore on 57th St. in NYC. < Not an impossible dream, but still a dream.

2. Meeting the Bunny. And Leslie. And the Pea. Tom in Lexington, Sara in Minneapolis, Cathy in Atlanta, Keith in NYC (here the bookstore comes in!), Sue in Vancouver. And some others maybe.

3. Stand on the see-though thingie that overhangs the Grand Canyon ( yeah I know trite; but still)

4. Go whale watching off the Washington coast

5. Ride a Harley Davidson from L.A. all the way to Alaska (again, trite; I bet you find that on every third Bucket List in the world)

6. Drive a Porsche convertible through downtown New York.... all day long ( I KNOW about the traffic, ok? Been there before.)

7. See Earth from Space.

8. In fact, travel to other worlds on a space ship. Scotty, beam me up.

9. Write another novel.

10. Go to a Neil Diamond concert and be invited backstage before the show to meet the Master. And then say to him, "Scuse me, could you maybe introduce me to Alan?"

My Bucket List is done. And I think the only impossibles are No. 8 and 10.

Let's do some more living, folks.


  1. This all seems pretty do-able (even number 10) and I hope you get to do them all. Getting the book published could make the other things possible - so keep working on it! Can't wait to meet you!

  2. Oh, this is a tricky thing to do, Mariam. I don't want to do it 'cos it will make me afeared of all the things I'm unlikely to achieve. I'll have just one: to be content. And I'll be content to see you tock off all of yours too!

  3. Entertaining ? Indeed.
    Outrageous ? Hmmmm - seeing as that there are a few things on there I wouldn't mind doing myself, not too bad.
    Especially not when one considers I've always promised myself I'll wear a purple hat & eat sausages with marmalade once I reach a certain age.

  4. A lovely bucket list... I was very excited to be a part of it. As I think about it, you would definitely make my list as well. I hope to meet you on your home turf as well as host you on mine. World travel is starting to creep into my bucket list (which I need to formalize in writing). I think I'd rather meet John Bon Jovi than Neil, I can't imagine driving anything in NYC (where I have never been), after driving in Chicago I swore off needing to drive in any large city, and I love that you want to travel into space. I on the other hand need to stay grounded with Mother Earth so I won't be competing with you in the auction of space ship seats. Its a good thing our buckets all look a little different. That's what brings us together!

    Living the dream... in a shiny yellow ice bucket filled with ice, Corona's, limes, and some beer!

  5. I have had a bucket list since I was about 18..written when I lived in hamburg actually.
    I don't have it here in Turkey but I know owning a Harley is on it too LOL. I coma across it now and again and love being able to cross off some items...and add more.

    When you come to Vancouver we will go Whale Watching OK? Would the BC coast be OK for you? ;-)

  6. Of course, Sue! I'd love to go whale watching with you!