Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's It All About.....

Too bad music cannot be uploaded on a blog, or you would be hearing "Alfie" now.
Yes, that old Burt Bacharach howler that pulls some people's teeth, but I had to include it in the setlist because my sister says no one can do it, with the exception of Cilla Black.
I just love to prove my sister wrong, and it worked.
There is a tiny, blond chit among my girls here who sings it just as good as Ms.Black, and when my dear sis is here next weekend, she'll hear it sung by Jasmin and be blown out of her shoes.
Even if she's wearing her Jimmy Choo boots, hear me, dear?

Today we're rehearsing Greensleeves.
These kids have never learned to read music, and they have no ideas what a score is, but they learn so fast, and when he go on stage in April they'll be able to sing it in three voices, Soprano, Alto I and Alto II, and a cappella at that.
They would never listen to a song like that on their own, or "Alfie", or "Someone To Watch Over Me" or "I Will Follow Him" or, even better. "Strangers In The Night".
But they love those songs, and they fight over them like terriers.
Isn't that the greatest?
Some are shy, some are really bursting with the music that is caught up in them and wants out so badly, but they all love the stage and the songs and the weekends spent here in the hall.
No better way to spend a Sunday!


  1. I am so impressed that there are kids that want to sing like this today, especially the old songs, and ON WEEKENDS. You are so luck, and THEY are luck to have you to give them this opportunity and encourage them. Record the show so we can all see it!!!

  2. So did you recorded it later & posted on some place like youtube? If yes, then share the link. And by the way, those girls look cute.