Monday, September 21, 2009

Places That Belong To You...

Leslie and Pea had me thinking today about that Mimosa trip we are going to do next summer - and hearken well!!!! - I said "Going To Do". Not "What we dream about".
The travel dates are set, the route has been plotted, the sights picked out.

Leslie said, name the places you want to see! Make a plan!
And that got me to thinking about places that I've always longed to see for some reason or other, and probably never will.
Like this one here: Hollywood.
I've always, since I was a teenager, wanted to see Los Angeles, for obvious reasons. Nothing mysterious here: Santa Monica Pier, Malibu, the Greek Theater, Hollywood Boulevard. And Disneyland. And Neil Diamond's house, of course, but only a glimpse while driving by in a car, I'm NOT a stalker.

Or this one: Chesapeake Bay.
Because in 8th grade, I had an English teacher who had a sister living on the Chesapeake Bay, and she told us often how she went to visit with that sister, and how beautiful the United States were, and Maryland in particular. I think it was she who first directed my attention in that direction, and the image of that huge bay is connected with fond memories for me.

Or here: Roanoke Island, the Lost Colony in Virginia.
Why Roanoke?
I like "Matlock". Loved to watch those crime shows, and in one of them he goes to Roanoke for some reason or other, and I loved the atmosphere, even if it was only a silly TV episode. Also, William Least Heat Moon visited the island on his travel across America, and what he wrote about, I wanted to see.

Gloucester, Massachusetts, because of the movie with "a boat that goes out to Sea and never returns", as the director put it, "The Storm", and the atmosphere of that film, no other reason.

Oh, and this one is really important: The Shenandoah Valley, because the song is so haunting and beautiful. I don't even rightly know where it is, but a place that inspires such a lovely song must be extraordinary indeed.

Oh, and this one is really important: Savannah.
Again, atmosphere. "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil". I wonder if that graveyard really exists....

About this place: hey, do you really need an explanation? I love fun, and people, and the show. Where else would that be?

Is there one place in the whole wide world as wonderful as New York City? That town has everything, simply everything. Including my love.

Okay, I lied about New York. I've been there, but I want to go there again, very badly.

Now that I'm torturing myself editing html and uploading pics, so many more places come to mind that I really want to see in the States.

Memphis, Nashville, Paducah, Chicago, Wabasha, Atlanta... have always wanted to go to Atlanta.

What's that? We're going there?
The dream goes on......

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  1. The Chesapeake Bay is VERY doable - only an hour or so away from me. We can cross the Bay bridge and go to St Michael's on the Eastern Shore and walk around. :-)