Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DAREDEVIL–Graveyards and Apple Pie

It's launch day at Buddhapuss Ink! Congratulations to my publisher and Linda S. Browning!

Linda, author of Daredevil, has a wicked sense of humor. Sometimes, it borders on the insolent; she's made me gasp with her sharp and witty comments a number of times, and giggle, and grin.
We all knew what to expect when Linda decided to write a novel: more of that sharp wit!

So here it is, Linda S. Browning's debut novel Daredevil.

And here's my review: 

What a romp!

If I ever get old I want to be friends with Leslie and Belinda.
I’d move into dear Abner’s empty unit and get those two biddies to make me pie every weekend. In return, I’d go on adventures with them, and I swear, I’d be gutsier than Belinda and hold the flashlight so Leslie could do her investigating.

Linda Browning’s novella Daredevil lives up to the expectations raised by her short story “No Wake,” first published in Buddhapuss Ink's mystery anthology Mystery Times 2013.
Her heroines, the feisty Leslie and her partner-in-crime, the tall but timid Belinda, set forth to find out what happened to a missing girl who vanished shortly after her step-grandmother’s funeral. 
I won’t tell you what they discover or how they go about it because I don’t want to spoil the fun for you. 
But I will tell you this: you won’t get to the solution before you’ve gone calling at the bereaved family’s house with pie in hand—like a good Southern belle, have a friendly Lab slobber your face, make friends with an TBI agent, and have had to hide in a coffin showroom. 

This is a sweet little book to be enjoyed over a cup of tea and a piece of pecan pie…make that sweet iced tea tinkling in a tall glass.

Linda Browning has a a voice that is distinct, and fun to read. It lends itself well to the near-slapstick situations that Belinda and Leslie get into. This is cozy mystery at its best!

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