Friday, April 13, 2012

Death By Chocolate Blog Hop!

Congrats to Julie Anne Lindsey, her new book has launched!
What a cute idea, really, killing off an unfaithful husband with chocolate mousse and viagra, I like that! Reminds me a bit of "Rosemary's Baby", doesn't it, only this time it worked.

Let's all give a cheer to Julie, and celebrate the release of "Death By Chocolate"!
And here now is Julie:

The Writer-Life is…Never Dull…and possibly an illness 
My path to publishing is lined heavily with rejection. I am rejected frequently and with enthusiasm on occasion. By agents, editors, critique partners, beta readers and the occasional stranger. If you’re a writer who has yet to be a rejected…you are like unicorn. Mythical. The is an upside to rejection, though. My favorite is camaraderie. Writers understand what it’s like to put your baby out there and have it slapped in the face. (In this scenario – to be clear- this is not a real baby. LOL). Rejection is a necessary part of growth in this life. It’s what hones our crafts, adds pluck to our spirit and makes the acceptances even sweeter. 
I began writing on a whim about three years ago. I read a book that made me so happy I wanted to do the same for someone else. So, I announced “I’m going to write a novel,” and then got started. Being an only child, I have unending amounts of self-confidence. My husband is quite resilient to everything and takes me in stride. He simply said, “Oh, yeah? What are you going to write about?” I had no idea. 
I the past three years I’ve written 8 complete novels, three novellas, six short stories and hundreds of blog posts. Most of those things were rejected. Which is why I love my blog. People rarely leave comments to reject something I say. But it does happen. So, chin up. There are plenty of contracts out there beyond the “no’s.” But if you let the rejections keep you from submitting, you’ll never get there. 
Look at me. I have no idea what genre I want to write in, so I hop. I mean, genre is pretty basic right? Not to me. Hopping genres is very amateurish I’m told. What can I say? I’m an amateur. I’m still figuring out where my voice fits best. If you have a genre on your heart, then you are well ahead of the game. Here’s how bad I am. My debut novel released this week. Death by Chocolate, a humorous work of contemporary fiction. Silliness. Fun. Lighthearted. It comes on the heels of my debut novella, Bloom. Bloom released in January. It was the sweet romance which launched the new Honey Creek books line for Turquoise Morning Press and also my series, Seeds of Love. Two more of these are coming this year from me. 
SO, am I a romance author? I don’t know. I did write another print length romance for Honey Creek. Written on Her Heart is coming next March. But I also signed a contract this month for a YA mystery/romance, coming next April. If you aren’t confused yet, let me try one more…I’m finishing my first cozy mystery right now and my agent is in the middle of prepping a newly finished YA Suspense to go on submissions for me. LOL. I don’t know what I’m doing!
But I love writing. And I just keep writing. Toeing the water. Looking for a way in to the pool ; )
I think I said all that to say this: The writer-life is a calling. When you’re a writer, you *know* it. Published or not published, doesn’t matter. Your path will be set to suit your life and your time and your goals. Set your sights on the prize and keep your head down. There will be turbulence ahead. What’s important is that you keep going. This is your dream and no one will chase it for you. Guaranteed. While you’re at it, try to enjoy the twists and turns along the way, they make for great stories later on. And, hey…every writer loves a good story. 
Thank you Mariam for allowing me to be a part of your blog today. It means the world to me and proves my point, writers are lovely and always ready to support another writer. Thank you!

Watch the trailer for "Death By Chocolate" on youtube!
Death by Chocolate
Ruby Russell has reached her limit. When she discovers her hipster husband has a dirty little secret, she whips him up a Viagra-infused-chocolate mousse punishment, but in the morning, her husband's a stiff. Armed with a lifetime of crime show reruns and Arsenic and Old Lace on DVD, Ruby and her best friend Charlotte try to lay low until after Ruby's son's wedding, but a nosy therapist, meddling minister and local news reporter are making it very difficult to get away with murder.
About Julie:
I am a mother of three, wife to a sane person and Ring Master at the Lindsey Circus. Most days you'll find me online, amped up on caffeine & wielding a book.
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