Monday, July 18, 2011

Out Of The Loop

Hi, folks, here are the tweets I WOULD HAVE sent if there was wifi here. Probably many more, in reply to what you would say to me, but this is the gist, I figure. Miss you all a lot.



- Had the the best of times with @crookedstamper. She is SO sweet”! Thank you, Leslie, for being my friend. I’m very honored indeed. :)

- Luray Caverns, or the cold, sweaty dungeons of hell. Made it through, but barely. But I WALKED ALL THE WAY! No cane, no wheelchair, nothing! (Don’t ask what I did right after getting out again, though.)

- Going southward in a little @understandblue-blue truck.

- Made it to Topsail Island, took the wrong turn only twice. Landed in the dingiest part of some town in the middle of the night, got out again.

- Not sure we are on an island. There was a bridge, but we saw no water. Might have been because of the darkness though.

- The Bunneh and her BF insist on me taking the bedroom with the big bed while they sleep in the bunk beds. SO sweet of them!

- No internet. Damn all. But nice view of the beach, and a full moon reflecting on the surface of the ocean.

- There are drinks. I think I’m having Dr. Pepper’s with vodka or something. Not that I care. 2am in the morning.

- Oh yes and it’s my birthday. Happy Birthday, me. xxx

- These people get up way too early. IT’S ONLY 7am FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! GET SOME SLEEP!

- Walk on the beach with the Bunneh. We found some seashells and driftwood. The water is nice!

- Topsail Island: 5 gazillion houses, three roads, twenty gift shops and not much else.

- Kid next door - or rather next balcony - is screaming like a banshee. Big brother, maybe 12, is emptying Coke cans down into the yard. Think I’ll go inside.

- Hehehe - I brought the cool weather with me from home. “Normally it’s WAY hotter!” Oh, really? Lol

- When everything else fails, my writing is a place I can always go to. Happy Birthday!

- Bought myself a silver shark teeth ring for my birthday!

- Can’t wait to meet @buddhapuss. Will I THEN feel like an author, I wonder?

- Lonely. Tired. Wish my hubby was here.

- The most unsavory place on Earth. It should not even carry the name “diner” or “grill”. It should be burned to the ground. #Notsocoolforabirthdaydinner

- Insight: even if you use it all by yourself a toothpaste tube will be empty in three weeks.

- Slept in today. So there. Hello Sunday.

- So, @RalphGraves, what makes you think Topsail Island is “undiscovered”? There isn’t an inch of empty land here, except for the protected dunes. House after house after house.

- Heartily sick of fried food.

- Sorting old family photos with @holyxuxa. Some pretty creepy stuff there. Lots of pics of people in their coffins.

- Nothing open for lunch on Topsail Island but the seedier spots. So cherries and strawberries it is, and a table booked for dinner.

- Not to self: don’t forget the sunblock next time.

- Tweeting without twitter is like driving without gas.

-Topsail Island food, redeemed: excellent dinner at “Bistro at Justbaked”. Wow, that was the best chicken in my life. Move over, @Georgia_browns.

- The Bunneh has gone down to the beach. Injection aftermath for me, I’m on the couch now.

- The tide here is pitiful. 20 meters, you call that a TIDE?

- I’m in a country full of Americans…

- Good morning, Monday!

- 7am, and already it’s muggy and hot outside. The Bunneh has gone for a stroll on the beach. Today we’ll try to find a place with wifi. And visit some antique stores.

- Read the first two chapters of my new novel to @holyxuxa last night. She loved it. But then she loves everything I write. :)

- vVVROOOooming down the highway to Wilmington, top of the car down, hair blowing in the wind!

- In Wilmington, searching for some coffee shop with wifi.


  1. LOVE the non-Twitter tweets. :) That first pic of the beach is gorgeous. Enjoy!

    And it is supposed to be 100 here later this week with a heat index of 110. You DID bring the cool weather with you, and we need you to bring it back! NOW!

  2. I want to go to the beach....missing you

  3. You can have wifi when you get back to the mainland. Enjoy the solitude. The beach is gorgeous.