Wednesday, January 19, 2011

156 Days And Counting

Have you noticed the name of my blog recently? That's right, it's called "Meet The Mimosa Club". Some of you know where that name comes from, others may not. The Mimosa Club is a twitter group. It came to life one night about two years ago when Bunny in Virginia was having a solitary drink on her porch, a Mimosa, and shared it with all of us virtually, and Pea coined that name. We were having a cocktail hour together over twitter: Pea, Bunny, Leslie, Lydia, Jane, Sue, Libby, Dreena, Kim, Lisa, Patti, Dana, Patsy and some more. We imagined how we would all meet up somewhere and have a huge party, a pajama party, no guys, only us girls. And we made plans how we could really make this work, in real life, and the easiest way seemed to be to invite me over, the only one from another continent in that group, and hand me around like the Olympic Torch.

All this was planned for last summer but then didn't happen because I became ill, blah blah you know all about that, so I won't go into it again.

The good news is, the trip is going to happen this year. And I have proof! Look!

Yeah I know it looks like a freaking mug shot. Do you know how much concentration it takes to look JUST in the right direction, your head tilted JUST so and please don't move and don't smile? But it is in my passport now. Which means, I have one, which also means I'm serious about this trip. Wanna see how serious? Here it is:

That, my friends, is what a plane ticket looks like these days. I recall when they used to be little booklets with the airline logo on them, something that you could hold and fondle, and something that made you feel special and important, like "Oh look, I own an airplane ticket, I'm actually GOING somewhere!" No more. These days, it from a computer and looks like any old print out. The charm has gone out of it. But no matter. The facts are the same. The price too.

So, you've of course gone ahead of me by now and realized I'll be traveling this summer. I'll be an Olympic Torch. I'll meet the Mimosas. Well, not all of them, but a good number.

And I'm liking very much how my trip will start.

Oh yes Baby. Good old Air Canada! That Sue, she has the tongue of an angel, and she talked me into visiting her in Vancouver, which was not exactly on my plan, but who cares. In fact, traveling the LONG distance with Air Canada makes me feel safe. Nobody hates Canada enough to put bombs on their planes, right?

Which also means, I'll be entering the US by car and not by plane, and for some very quirky reason this makes me feel extra luxurious and not touristy at all. Anyone can fly into the US, right, and spend a vacation there. I'll be driven across the border. From Vancouver to Seattle. And speaking of Seattle, we'll visit the original Starbucks there. Alright, I admit it, I love Starbucks. And I collect their city mugs. And I'm looking forward to seeing the original café. So there.

But I'm also looking forward to dipping my feet into the Pacific.

This is a grand concept, in fact. I've never been that far from home, and never on another ocean than the Atlantic. Going all the way to the Pacific Coast feels a bit like going to another planet. Sue will laugh at this, and Jane, Susan and Tara too, I'm sure. But maybe they would feel the same way, coming all the way here. Vancouver and Seattle are far, far away from Germany.

From Seattle, I'll fly to Washington DC. Another pretty long flight, but I won't be alone. Sue will be going with me to meet Leslie, Patti and Marianne. Leslie will hand me over to Bunny a week later. Remember, she's the one with the Mimosas on the porch, in Lynchburg VA. A few streets down from her there is Jennifer. Are you keeping count???

One week in VA, and I'll board a very small plane to Portland ME. Yes, eclectic choice, I know, but the lovely family Farrand is there, and I'm looking forward to meeting Steve and Nancy very much. Also, I've been told there is lobster to be had in Maine. That is a very tempting thing. Lobster. Oh my, yes!

Objections, anyone? I thought not.

On the way to my last stop, NYC, there are two errands I have to run: pick up sweat-shirts for my kid at Yale and Harvard. He asked for that.

Harvard. He would like to study here, and I love him for that. Of course it will not happen - unless my book does become a bestseller, which is not impossible - and we can afford it. But I like that he dreams about it. He is sixteen, and he wants to go to Harvard. Good kid! At least I can get him a sweat-shirt, right?

And after that... oh yes. New York City. Been there, seen it, and now I can hardly wait to return. Only this time, I promise, dear hubby, I won't buy seventy books. I promise. Last time we were there we had to get a new suitcase to get all those books back home. Hubby is still teasing me with that.

So, NYC.

Oh yes. My dream: a backstage tour of the Shubert Theater. A visit to Juilliard. Explore Brooklyn. See the Chagall mural at the Met. Have lunch in Chinatown and a coffee in little Italy afterwards. Take a pic of the Bitter End. Have a drink with Paul and Keith. And meet all my other NY tweeps, like Sharron, PJ and MaryChris. Walk down Broadway, and browse the Rizzoli store and visualize my book on display there. Which might happen some day! And if I get very, very lucky, attend a very special show here:

And I bet you know who I want to see:

That's right. The one and only.

But no matter. I'll be traveling this summer, and I'll meet the Mimosas. That's the only thing really important about this long trip. It started on twitter, and all this will be tweeted and blogged about when it happens. And I can't wait.


  1. Hey, that's a great plan! I am soo happy you get to see all these people in person!

  2. We're waiting - hurry up!

  3. I am so glad your dream came true!

  4. Enjoy ! Wish me was coming along too....loved Vancouver and lots of the other places you'll be visiting. Can't wait to " hear " all about the adventures of the Mimosas.

  5. Can't wait either, folks. So exciting!!! :)

  6. Dear Mariam,

    What a lovely blog post! I felt completely transported, like I was the one that just filled in the questionnaire of whether I was a Nazi or knew one, because that question is still on the form if you want to get into the US, albeit now online. And is it not absolutely wonderful to have made such great friends over the Atlantic? It boggles my mind, how possible this is. That minds can connect, no matter how many time zones away.

    You know Mimosa is the name of an incredible tree indigenous in South Africa. And it is a beautiful tree.

    And that your son dreams of studying at Harvard. Bless his soul. I do believe that his dream will come true.

    And your suitcase with 70 books! What a wonderful trait, which I suffer from as well. When ever I get the chance to travel to an English-speaking country I crave to browse for books in bookshops, where all the books are in English. It is extraordinary bliss. But what I do, is simply write down the names of the books I like. I do, however, allow myself one or two books (mostly for my kids) and the rest I order from Amazon at a price of 1 cent, second hand, if it is possible. And nowadays with e-books, one can load 70 books on a thing that fits in your handbag--hand luggage--which makes no difference in weight what so ever!

    I look forward to hear of all your experiences and your stories on your blog and in all the novels you still plan to write.

    Bon voyage dear friend.



  7. HAVE AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL TIME. Twitter is amazing, isn't it? molly

  8. I´m so happy for you that this year your able to make that trip!
    Exciting! Oh and speaking of mugs! (I read something about one in there!) I would love one too, I have just the place for it among my other 150!! LOL

    Seriously though just have a great time and fun with all those lvely people!

  9. YES, YES, YES!!! I have to see the Lion King while I am in New York. Flew to Sydney from Perth - just to see it. Went to a conference while I was there, but......

    Neil Diamond???? I just hope he is back in NY when I am there - even though I am seeing him in Perth. Gosh, gotta get my trip planning going right away.

    I am so sorry we will miss each other - I am flying West to East - you, East to West.

  10. Lesley, maybe we'll miss each other this time. But some day, we'll have to get to meet. Until then, you lucky girl, you'll see Neil before me. Could you get me a tour book? Would you? If I ask VERY nicely? :)

  11. Absolutely my pleasure. Happy to gift it to you, too. :-)

  12. Loved your blog, thank you for your posting.

  13. Good grief no! I'll of course pay for it! Only we never get the Australian versions here, and they are indeed different from the European edition. Not that I think there'll even BE a European edition this year.

  14. Good grief, woman. What part of NO! do you not understand. I am the Mum, the Nana and that's the end of it. ((hugws))