Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Most Senseless Post Of All-Farmville

(This is NOT my farm. Mine is WAY prettier!!!!)

Julie's sweet little daughter Lucy likes to play "Farmville" on her Mom's facebook account.
Some of my fb friends play it, too, have done it for the longest time, to the merriment and ridicule of the "Scrabblers" and "Social City" or whatever gamers, and I have refused the temptation of any of those games for the longest time. At one point I even posted that no, I would not be drawn into the time-consuming insanity of these online thingies, and PLEASE people, grow up.
(Strangely, no one ever says anything negative about online Scrabble. Now why is that?)

A few days ago, when I was feeling really miserable with my sickness, depressed and hurting, I succumbed. And found out how pretty this can be.... all those nice trees and cute animals, and I'm really liking the rice paddies (if you decide to grow rice, that is) when you can still see the water.... so serene, especially if you surround them with cherry trees.
I'm a sucker for the trees. Honestly, farmville got me with the trees. The white Dogwood Tree? SO pretty. And the Bunyan Tree, I spent so many virtual coins for it, and then it is so huge that I'm having trouble placing it. But oh how I love the cherry and plum trees! It might be cherry blossom time in DC right now, but hey, the Basin is NOTHING compared to the blooming cherries on my farm!

Now here's the quirky part: after I had collected some animals, I started making up stories about them.
Right now, my two mares are really angry at me because I had to send on the "Wandering Stallion" who had got lost on my farm. Could not keep him, the Farmville Gods had not planned for that. So they went to the other end of the farm where they are now sulking. On the way there, they did their business into the duck pond, which set off the ducks and made them drive off the Ugly Duckling, who has a hard time finding his place in our community anyway.
The Sunny Ewe feels she is having a permanent bad hair day, what with those Easter eggs dangling over her ears, even though I tried to reassure her that it was the latest fashion (what WERE the creators thinking???).
Little White Bunny is sad because its sibling got lost in the transfer from Rula's farm. She is afraid it ended up in a strange place and might get eaten by a topiary.
Speaking of which.... the Green Calf complained this morning that the other, normal little calves would not play with him. He looked like a plant, they said. A friend of mine has the same problem with her Green Lamb, which has now bonded with a topiary sheep, and we are wondering when an animal therapist will be available in the shop.
Who could also look after the Pink Cow and the other critters that are slightly off center. That cow, btw., is a lot better since she adopted the orphan calves that had wandered into my farm, but she too wants nothing to do with the green one. Speak of snottiness.
Oh, which brings me to my pigs.
They are ganging up around the hay bales. I don't know why, but they have their snouts VERY close together, and they have been whispering all day long. Makes me think of "Animal Farm", and now I'm really scaring myself.
The goats are suspiciously quiet today, which is never a good sign. I need to keep an eye on them. They do this all the time: look innocent and breed mischief.
Which leaves me with my big wish: if only someone would send me a Percheron! I love Percherons, but I can't afford to buy one.... not for a long while yet.
So please, no more tomatoes, send me a horse. And make it a stallion so the mares will come out of their rooms again and talk to me!
Thank you.


  1. You make a gal wanna join Facebook. I had an account last winter but felt it was .....well ....not for me. But in Farmville....maybe I could really have a nice woods with blooming plants and no deer....SweetFantasy...AAhhhhh...
    Or maybe I'll get on Facebook just to buy you a dern horse.....

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL! This made me smile! (and yes it is soothing.)

  3. ha ha..every farmville addicts story!
    loved the post mariam..keep em coming

  4. I can see an Orwellian style drama brewing down on your farm! I don't do fb as I try to avoid things that take my attention away from writing - and I fear fb would send me away with the fairies. Or farms. :)

  5. FB - blech. FB games - double-Blech. Even Scrabble (withOUT proper names) - not gonna do it. I only have FB because Lydia made me do it. FB thinks I am dead, and I am quite happy about that. ;/

  6. fb and twitter tided me over some very, very hard days here, when all I could do was breathe and type a few words at a time. You all kept me sane.

  7. Hilarious, because it's true. Those cows are uppity, and I think the pigs are plotting something.

  8. This seals it, Mariam: you are quite mad! But I love it! Nx

  9. What a wonderful post. I'm still not going to farm, but I enjoyed the post, nonetheless. All hail Scrabble!

  10. HAHA!! Awesome! This post makes me smile. I take out my aggression playing that damned Mafia Wars everyone hates so much. I want to quit, then I get caught up knowing I'm going to defeat some crime lord. HAHHA! Absolute insanity. Someday I'll stop, but today?... Is not it.


  11. I don't get Farmville. But I love that you're making up stories about the animals!

  12. Talli: there is nothing to get, lol. You plow, plant, reap and pet your animals.

  13. I am soooo very very disappointed in you Mariam ... that you held off so long during your illness..and now..on the road to discovery when you can do other things you have missed so FARM???
    **weeps into her hands**

    cute post tho LOL..and reaffirms why i don't play FB games

  14. MIGHT be on the road to recovery too ..just sayin''s me..and that means typos...