Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wishing You All.....

Friends like these:

The Bunny.

and the Bug.

The Bug is the cute little doll in the center, and don't you just know why she got that nickname?
I always wanted a very special doll when I was a kid, and she looked like this:

I never got one, because they are handmade and very expensive, and never were in my parents' budget. Now I know why, they are modeled after real kids (sic The Bug).
She still does look a bit like that, even though with her new, very short haircut, she does seem like a grownup.... sometimes.
The Bug is special.
Well, all my friends are special. They have to be, or they would not put up with me, I think.
But the Bug, she is extra special.
When I posted a week ago that we had bought pink champagne for New Year's Eve, she replied that she would really like to join us for that, and I said, "Then come on over! Do Come on!"
And she is. Doing it, I mean, coming over, all the way from Chicago, and only for a few days, but she is coming over. She'll be here in time for coffee on the 31st, and a lot of celebrating at night.
Guys, go out and buy the fireworks!!!!
Just imagine the scope: From Chicago to Hamburg, on the spur of the moment!
The cherry on top of this lovely cupcake of a visit: We'll be able to see this on New Year's Eve:

Yes, they are going to air the TV special of Neil's Hot August Night in NYC here in Germany!
It does seem as if The Bug and I have somehow come full circle: we met on the Diamondville Discussion Board in January 2008, and we'll "sing in" 2010 with the Vocalist and the Band, too.
And next summer, I'll be going there:

and there:

with The Bug.

The Bunny, now.

She makes these:

Muses, to inspire people, but the secret she does not seem to know is that she is the most important muse of all.
Sadly, it has never occurred to her to make one that looks like herself, because if she ever did, that one would have my name on it.
The Bunny, she is the one who drives me to write, for she really loves my story.
So if the whole thing never gets read by anyone else, and no one finds it interesting enough to publish, I know I will have written it for her, and that is quite enough for me.
And with the Bunny, I'll be here, because I'm visiting her, too:

There are many others, as you surely know by now: The Pea, Julie in Boston, and the Crook in DC, Keith in NYC and all the other Mimosas, and all of them are good friends and deserve a blog of their own.
But really: only Bunny and The Bug have presented me with pics this great so far!
I dare you: send me snapshots that are even half this funny, and you'll get your own blog, too!


  1. How wonderful that you will finally be together with your friend! I met my husband online and I must tell you, I have never known a man so good and loving as him, and he knows me better than anyone! True friendships can be found on the internet and they are so wonderful!

  2. It's easy to love good writing. Thank you for being such a good friend.

  3. I can't wait to see you. It's been a fun two years, I can tell you that. Here's to many more.

  4. I never realized you and the Bug went back so far. Congratulations, and enjoy NYE.