Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lydia's Birthday Blog Hop


Lydia is an artist.
She is a designer, a crafter, a writer and photographer, but her maybe greatest talent is the ability to walk really fast through the dawn streets of Austin, tweet away on her Blackberry AND take notice of her surroundings without stumbling over her own feet.
She is also a lurker.
Her updates on the going-ons at Starbucks during the darkest hours of the morning are mystery-novel worthy.
Lydia is a softie, too.
Every time she sees a picture of a small furry beast she goes to pieces and needs a fresh sheaf of animal-adoption documents. Her house must be full up to the roof with them, unless the tapir in her pantry snacks on them when she isn't looking (which he wouldn't do because he is a very well-mannered and educated tapir).
The tapir, by the way, has to share his pantry with the sides of bacon that Lydia keeps there for emergencies, right with the cupcakes and the kool-aid.
Which means, she's also a foodie.
On a regular basis she sends out illustrated memos on what she is going to eat so that all of us others drool on our keyboards, may it be sushi or Twinkies - or cupcakes.
Lydia is a laugher.
No one laughs as loudly and convincingly over twitter. In fact, should there ever be a twitter "laughter" app, I'd suggest they take Lydia as model. She laughs easily and heartily, too, at the inane stupidities we all toss at her.

And Lydia is a Mimosa.
Yes, you are, Blue. You can't be Queen because the Bunny is Mimosa Queen, but you are a close second.
We are the Mimosas. Women from all over the place, different in many ways, with tastes that vary and make as bicker (seldom) and similarities that make us cry with laughter, and many moments of real warmth and closeness.
Today is your Birthday, and I'm joining in to wish you a wonderful day, from all the way across the ocean and who knows how many time zones.
I wish for you to be taken our for sushi lunch by the Junkie, and an extra shot of espresso at Starbucks on the house, and that not one of your marvelous fingernails may break off. I'd like to see your lovely face today, so please tweet a new pic, and I sincerely hope someone will have the decency to get you a really big cupcake, and some serious chocolate.

But most of all I wish you all the health and happiness life can provide for you. Old-fashioned Birthday wishes, I know, but somehow they still sound right.

Have a great day, Blue!

The UnderstandBlue Birthday Blog Hop starts with Angie:


  1. HAHAH!!!!! (There goes the laughter app!) I love that everyone is amazed by the tweeting and walking - I take that as the highest of compliments! It's because you are too much fun to wait till I get home to see what you've said!! Thank you for staying up late across the ocean to make us laugh, and torture me with your steaks and champagne, and show us pictures of your handsome son, and send us the naughty bits from your novel :) Your picture is beautiful, and now I really really want a cupcake!!

    Thank you for a sweet tribute. I am a lucky girl to have such kind friends!!!

    (Off to adopt whatever creature awaits me on Pattimonkey's blog!! :D)

  2. Lovely sweets. So glad they are over THERE and nowhere near ME right now! Thanks for playing!!!

  3. Great post for Lydia, i'm enjoying each and every stop on the Hop!

  4. Love the pantry, mariam. nice tribute. Can't wait to lure that little tapir out when nobody's looking, and then HEIZ DIE GRILLE AN! ;D

  5. I'm so glad to be able to celebrate my birthday month by meeting you!