Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's All @NeilDiamond's Fault

This has come a long way.
My son Mario came home just now and we talked about this thing here, and he said, "Actually it started way earlier, you know. It started when we bought those tickets for the Neil Diamond Concert last year here in Hamburg. After that, you started the theater group at school because the concert inspired you to it, and after that you followed Neil to Twitter. And there you met first Val and Sunny, and then all the others. So really, it's all Neil's fault, once again."
Well, it's a bit convoluted, but nice anyway.
So now Mario has gone out to get me a map of the States.
"And," he said, "You need a webcam."
So the map is going on the wall today, and then I'll pin tiny green needles into the places I'm going to visit to see my friends.
Just today two new destinations were added. Denise asked me to see her in Sonoma, Cal., and Jim Blue has invited me to Cleveland, Ohio.
Pea sent me a photograph of a mimosa tree last night which you can see down here.
My husband promised me it will happen.

Twitter is a wonder box full of wonderful people. I think I've found the best.


  1. So it started with ND! That's how life is sometimes. You unsuspectingly take part in something and *kazammm* your life is forever changed. I am so happy I met you and the other Mimosas on Twitter. I share in the happy anticipation of your wonderful Twitter Travel next year. We have such excitement in store for us, Mimosa sister!
    XOXO~ Pea