Friday, August 14, 2009

Are you in on the Mimosa journey?

Sometimes, all it needs is the right moment and the right drink and the right people.
Makes me wonder how many great ideas develop late at night in some kind of bar after a couple of cocktails, and then someone plucks a napkin out of a puddle on the counter and wham! -something new is born.
We are going to travel.
We are going to drive through the USA in cars. Well no, I'll be driven through the USA in cars.
This is how the Mimosas are going to meet, and I just love the idea. Don't know who had it in the first place, but we're going to see each other, and explore the country.
Just like the wagons who explored the West a couple of centuries ago, and I love this idea so much I could weep over it.
My first stop will be Washington DC, I guess, unless someone from NYC still speaks up.
I've never been to DC, but I know two friends there, Val and Leslie.
Val is a Neil Diamond friend, has been for quite a while, and Leslie is a twitter friend, but she feels as close as a sister.
Then, Kentucky. Angie is waiting on her porch with the Knob Creek.
Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Nevada, California, Minnesota, Illinois.
It just HAS to happen.


  1. This is SUCH a good idea! I hope we can pull it off! Fingers crossed in DC! :-)

  2. If this is a dream it is one that is gonna come true! The Journey of the Traveling Mimosas! Waiting for you in Alabama~ Pea