Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Lucky #7

                                            (Art: Eric G. Thompson)

What a great idea! A big thank you to lovely @angebarton, for including me in on Lucky #7. Seven writers are invited to copy and paste 7 sentences, starting from line 7, on page 77 of their WIP. 

Here are mine, from my current WIP "Song Of The Storm", Book Three in the "Stone Trilogy.

The ladies in the front row were calling to him, asking for their favorite songs, begging to be let closer to the stage, and he smiled down at them. There were one or two who, in other times, might have tempted him, but then he looked over to where Naomi was sitting with Russ and Sal.
"Just one more," he said into the microphone, "My wife is watching, and she is signaling that dinner is waiting. I have to go, folks." With a wave at the audience he added, "The guys out there know what I mean."
Laughter rippled through the amphitheater. One girl, a lovely blonde in skimpy shorts, had come right up to the security guards and stood, her saucy breasts pressed against the outstretched arm of one of them. She had invitation written all over her face, and it made Jon grin.

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Please share with us, and have fun!