Saturday, November 19, 2011

Poetry and Pictures

Ever since I found Eric G. Thompson and his painting "Echoing The Sea" ( which is the one on my book cover) I've been dancing around this idea of writing haikus for some of his other art. I've been posting them on and off on Facebook, but today I felt I had to start gathering them into a blog. This is the first post of some I want to do to celebrate Eric's talent. Do feel free to add your own haikus or thoughts in a comment!

Silent, like the snow / you come to me and wrap me / into love's blanket.

              Grey sea and the wind / the cold breath of loneliness / under a gull's wings.

                     Where I live gulls fly / their cries an invitation / heralds of the sea.

              Royal ocean gift / luster in a sandy shell / pink pearl, pear-shaped find.

            My bed, empty now / your fragrance on the pillow / I will dream you back.