Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rainy Days

[caption id="attachment_442" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="I don't know who holds the copyright for this pic, but it's not me."][/caption]

Anyhow, look at that bird, and what do you see? Yup, it's me. That's how I look and feel today.

Woke up too early because the hubby could not find his stupid alarm clock, went to bed too late last night because the publisher kept heaping work on me, and I could not find the sleeping mask I had bought for the flight when I wanted to pack it in my carry-on.

The weather is rotten, it has been raining for weeks now, and as if that is not enough it's also miserably cold. Our car is due for inspection, the fridge is gasping his last and the cat barfed on the carpet again.  There's no fresh bread in the house, I still have two dresses that need to be altered, my flight leaves on Sunday at 7 in the morning, and that means I have to leave for the airport at 4.

My book reading in DC has been canceled for reasons not connected with me, and I wish I had known earlier so the publisher and I could have made other arrangements. I have no idea what to cook for lunch, or what to wear to the Neil Diamond concert tomorrow night. The writing on my second novel has come to a grinding stop because I'm so insecure right now after all the editing that has been done on the first, and I really want some hot chicken soup now.

Oh, and have I mentioned the lift is out of order? And the suitcase is staring at me from the corner where I parked it, begging to be packed.

I mean, how can one be happy and cheerful when it looks like October outside and it's really Midsummer Night and the air even SMELLS of fall? What the hell is going on, there was not even a proper spring, and now we can start on the Christmas garlands?

On the upside, I'll be going to a Neil Diamond concert tomorrow. Afterwards, there will be champagne and giggles with my best friend. We will swoon a bit, and maybe hum a song or two, and walk on those clouds for a while. Thursday, I'll start packing in earnest. Saturday there will be a barbecue with friends to see me off, and then, Sunday at daybreak, I'll be off for six weeks to meet my twitter friends. One of them will even be flying all the way from Los Angeles to NY just to meet me, and with the Bunny I'll be taking a trip to the beach where we will laze in the sun and eat fried oysters. I'll get to meet my publisher in person, and then I can tell her how many rounds of edits I can take, and how many are too much. There will be an excursion to Amagansett for some book research, and I've managed to talk my West Coast friends into a day trip to Biggs Junction on the Oregon border for some redneck adventure.

If the fridge really dies, it will happen when I am gone and someone else will have to do the cleaning in the spot where it stood before the replacement is delivered.

I won't be cleaning cat barf for a good long while – and in all honesty, it is mostly the hubby who does it anyway. Someone else will be serving me lunch, and I'm sure there will be fresh bread.

So if you add it all up, it's actually a rather good day today. And now I want baked bananas with honey, or a scoop of maple walnut ice cream.

Rant over.