Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank You, Please Carry On!

I've just been awarded the "Stylish Blogger Award" by (and I hope the link works!). I've also been told I'm now supposed to tell you seven things about myself and then nominate a handful of other bloggers for this award. Seriously, Ange, you might want to reconsider after watching me mess this up.

1. Early spring, like now, makes me want to take off and be in new and strange places. There is is this wild yearning to be away, have adventures and meet people. Maybe I'm a secret hobbit. One of the daring tribe.

2. If I could I'd live in a house with a porch on the beach in Virginia. The porch would lead directly on the sand and there would be a big fridge with plenty of drinks for when all my friends come visiting. At day I'd sit on the porch and write novels and at night I'd sit on the porch and party with the Mimosas. Can you see how important the word "porch" is?

3. I don't like chocolate. No, really.

4. I'm fat, and I'm working so hard on slimming down, only my stupid chemo will not let me. I guess I'll never wear a strapless gown again.

5. On the upside, I've finished my first novel, edited and submitted it.

6. And started on a new one. Goal: finish the first draft before I go to the States in summer. I have 110 days to achieve that.

7. And now I'm going to go back to writing.

Here are my Stylish Blogger Award nominations:

Thank you for this awesome nomination!


  1. Oh, thank you! And I wouldn't mind that house, either. :)

  2. Love the house. Will need sunglasses to come visit you.

  3. Thanks for the nom and congrats on the novel! :)