Monday, November 15, 2010

Page 99

The other day someone posted "5 fun ways to promote your book" on twitter, and one of them was to pick page 99 and post it on your blog. The argument was that this far into the novel it would show if your writing was any good or not. So here is my page 99, and now it is up to you to judge. Come one, rip out my heart! :)


“Would you like to, Baby? We could, certainly. Where would you like to go, then?”

His hand was wrapped in her hair, tugging playfully. The bathrobe had fallen open to reveal her legs and bare feet, but she did not mind. They were alone on this deck, hidden from the outside world, onlookers from a balcony set aside from daily life. The water taxi came gliding into the bay, losing height rapidly, doing a slow turn over the harbor to land.

“I don’t know.” Naomi wriggled her toes. “Truly, I can hardly wrap my mind around the wedding thing yet. I’ll believe it when it happens. It seems very unreal. You seem unreal.” He tugged a little harder. “Stop!” she protested, “I know you are here, there’s barely a moment when you let me forget it. But still….”

Her head was bent back and her lips beckoned, the robe slipping from her shoulder to reveal the top of her breasts.

“You look just like Scarlett O’Hara,” Jon said approvingly, “Right before she gets ravished by Rhett. All we’re missing here is Atlanta burning in the background.”

“That’s so like you,” she replied, breathless, “You would even burn a city to get your way.  Think of all those poor Coca Cola shareholders.”

The grip in her hair tightened, pulling her back still a little further. He leaned towards her, lips nearly touching, a dangerous sparkle in his eyes.

“The things you say just to get a little ravishing done here, you impossible chick.”

Naomi strained towards that kiss but he would not give it yet, stretching the moment, reveling in this sweetest of tortures. Waiting for her to plead a little, wanting her to need him, if only for a kiss, only for a touch….

There was a knock on the door, and Jon, without looking up from her, called, “Come in!”

She struggled nicely after that, but he did not let her go right away, disappointed that he was going to miss out on a very exciting moment indeed.

Embarrassment made her squirm and even hit his arm in a futile attempt to make him release her, but Jon grinned and held her tightly to claim the kiss he had wanted all along.

“Oh look! It’s Gone with the Wind all over again!” Sal commented drily.