Monday, December 28, 2009

Goodbye, and Welcome

This is one of the silk paintings I used to do and sell a few years ago. It serves no purpose but to give this blog some color.

Okay, here goes, a quick and short blog entry, just because.
Just because I want to kick out this total sucker of a year with a bang and tell the new one coming up so quickly a few things while we are in this hiatus between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

2009: You were a real a**hole. Sorry to be rude, but you were.
You let my father faint and fall in a busy street and wake up scared and disoriented in the ER; You gave my mother in law pneumonia and the Noro virus and put the dear old lady in hospital for twelve weeks.
You let my beloved sister in law die, you rotten bastard, at the age of fifty, just one week after her grandchild was born!
You let a dumb young jackass run over my husband while he was crossing a street on a pedestrian walkway with a GREEN light and suffer from his injuries since June.
You gave us THREE major plumbing disasters and a house that was nearly not inhabitable for half a year.
And you made me sick, too, because at some point I could not cope anymore.
Now that you are old and weak, you had to give in, right? We outlasted you in the end.
We took all the misery and pain you tossed at us, and we are still here!

My husband's injuries are healing. Our parents are old but well and healthy, and I'm getting well, too, thanks to the high doses of steroids my physician has now finally prescribed.
Honestly? I had no idea how miserable I had become over the past few months.
Only the sudden feeling of well-being is coming as such a shock right now, like a dense grey fog lifting.

And on this note, goodbye, 2009. You s*cked. Big time.

Welcome, 2010.
You are having an easy start with this family.
We have only this one wish: don't be as bad a bastard as 2009.
Give us the time and space to heal, and if you decide to take one of our elderly family from us, please do it kindly.
Let the hubby have joy at his job as teacher, and let me write and travel, as I have planned.
If you can, please let me see my book published. I know it is good enough to be, all I need is some luck and to meet the right people now.

You are starting out really, really well, I have to say. You are giving me Charity as a starter, and hell, no dish of shrimps and no case of champagne can top that.
Not even a huge bottle of Laphroiag.
Hey, not even a date with Neil D. could do that!!!
So I'm hoping you are meaning well with us.

Thank you. This is all.


  1. What?? Better than a date with Neil Diamond?? Are you out of your mind?? Must be the steroids. Ha Ha just teasing!

  2. I love this. I am inspired to write a letter to 2009, as well. Must give it some thought.

  3. I absolutely love that letter to 2009...and I am so sorry that it sucked so badly for ya'll. ((HUGS)) and amazing wishes for a fantastic 2010!!