Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What The Bunny Did

Just incredible.
Imagine: you wake up because the cat is sitting on your chest, yowling into your face because he wants to be let out "Real BAD!!!" and you crawl out of bed at eight in the morning after everyone else has already left the house. You stumble into the living room and open the terrace door and the stupid creature takes its time to decide if it wants to go or not. The newspaper is spread out all over the dining table, the kid left his tea standing there, too, there's some mail, mostly advertisements and magazines, and among that pile, a brown padded envelope with a green customs sticker........ huh????
Didn't order anything from overseas, and no one announced he was sending anything either, so what the hell???
Sender: Bunny Hipps, Virginia. Right. I know that one!
Inside, a card with a note, and a small, white box with this: see above.
The note tells me that I have a friend in Virginia. Not a nice-to-know-you-let's-pass-some-time kind of friend, but someone who tells me that I am well loved and who values my friendship and is looking forward to meeting me in person.
And to underline that, the Bunny sends me one of her lovely pieces of jewelry!!!!
A rose star-flower with a hidden St. Christopher medallion on its backside to keep me safe.

Well Bunny, let me tell you, you are loved just as well from here. I'm not a good crafter, and the best you might expect in return is a crooked origami bird, but from here to Virginia, my heart goes out to you, and all the virtual hugs you can take.
Thank you so much!!!! What a wonderful, sweet surprise that was, and hey, I'm looking forward to meeting you (and the other Mimosas) just as much!
We are not unreal, and also not virtual. The proof is lying here right next to me.

A brief post scriptum for the Captain: If you ever feel like really making a fool out of yourself with your adolescent son: ask him what kind of Warhammer figures he has when he doesn't.
Turns out his friend has those, and they talk about it all the time, and what I took to be Warhammer were, in truth -and if I hear you laugh now, I'll clobber you!!!! - Star Wars figurines.


  1. What a lovely gift! That Bunny is a sweetie! And yes, we ARE real!

    PS: That post script made me LMAO! But I must tell you. I used to take my boys to the County Fair, and one year I had their characteurs (sp?) done. The artist asked what they liked, and they said Star Wars. He drew Start Trek.

  2. That is the sweetest- and loveliest- gift!!! What a wonderful friend the bunny is- just as you are to all of us. No, we are not imaginary! I have physical proof too, miabella! XOXO~ Pea